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The Attention Recession: How inflation and the pandemic are reshaping entertainment

With the recent announcement of the 0.2 million subscriber drop in Netflix’s Q1 2022 figures, and Spotify seeing slower paid user growth, MIDiA’s predicted attention recession has come into fruition. MIDiA’s in-house analysts take you through the key insights and trends of this new chapter and its implications across music, video, games, marketing, and audio industries. Alongside this, we dive deeper into the resulting consumer impact and audience behavior.


Mark Mulligan

Mark Mulligan is the Managing Director of MIDiA Research, a long-term media and technology analyst, and a leading thinker on the music industry’s digital transition.

Mark has 20 years of media business analysis and consulting experience, working with leading global media, technology, and device companies. Mark heads up MIDiA’s music research content and oversees all of MIDiA’s research output.

Mark is the author of the industry-leading blog Music Industry Blog. He is also author of ‘Awakening: The Music Industry In The Digital Age’, the definitive account of the rise of the digital music market.

Tim Mulligan

Tim heads up MIDiA’s online video research practice. Tim provides analysis and insight for all companies involved in the online video space, from TV broadcasters, through to production companies, technology vendors and online video services. His research encompasses the entire online video economy, including streaming services, short-form strategy, cord cutting, video subscriptions, and ad-supported models. Prior to joining MIDiA Research, Tim ran a number of technology start-ups that were focused on the TV and film industries.

Karol Severin

Karol Severin is MIDiA’s lead analyst for research on games, and the product manager of MIDiA’s data tools. Karol’s research covers all aspects of the gaming economy, including mobile, PC, and console gaming, as well as freemium strategy and consumer segmentation. Prior to joining MIDiA, Karol gained experience in a number of marketing, research and consulting roles, in addition to being a technology start-up founder.

Hanna Kahlert

As a MIDiA analyst, Hanna’s research focuses on the cross-sections of digital entertainment, with an eye to the underpinning consumer cultural and market trends, which will inform the future of the industry. She is also responsible for the editing, design and publication of MIDiA’s reports and presentations, as well as managing MIDiA social media accounts. Prior to joining MIDiA, Hanna studied politics, linguistics and law, and worked on projects as a content writer, editor and marketer with Helixa, Cubeyou and Holland Partner Group.

Tatiana Cirisano

Tatiana is a music industry analyst and consultant at MIDiA. With a BA in journalism and mass communication, she previously spent just under five years as a reporter for Billboard. There, amid writing cover stories on artists, like Tame Impala and Alicia Keys, she covered every sector of the music business, with particular attention to emerging consumer trends and the intersection of music and technology. She is dedicated to sharing knowledge, unearthing fresh perspectives and driving the music industry towards a more equitable future.

Annie Langston

As MIDiA’s Audio Analyst, Annie’s research focuses on podcasts, audiobooks, radio and other audio. With a master’s degree in arts, business and creativity, in addition to a BA in marketing, Annie has previously held roles in live events at AEG and in A&R. She is committed to building relationships and learning from diverse perspectives to drive the audio industry forward.

You can watch our Attention Recession webinar on YouTube .

BE THE CHANGE: Women in Music 2022

Andreea Gleeson (CEO, TuneCore), Denis Ladegaillerie (CEO, Believe), Hanna Kahlert (Analyst, MIDiA Research) and Mark Mulligan (Managing Director, MIDiA Research) hosted a fireside chat dissecting and discussing the findings of their 2nd annual study, ‘BE THE CHANGE - Women Making Music 2022’. The study breaks down the systemic and cultural barriers that exist in the music industry and what we can do to move towards equality.

You can watch our BE THE CHANGE: Women in Music 2022 on YouTube.

Games Companies’ Video Opportunity Webinar

On the MIDiA held a webinar showcasing the best insights from our expert analysts and distinguished guests on games companies’ video opportunities. As the games industry is transitioning from unit sales towards engagement-led spending, coupled with the creator market growing, games videos are starting to play a much more substantial role for games companies and creators than ever before. We will be using the session to deep dive into how this would work, the size of the opportunity and the type of companies and creators best suited for this opportunity.

MIDiA’s lead games analyst, Karol Severin, presented his key findings, followed by a panel with former head creator at Facebook, Phil Ranta and games community builder, Sam Griffin.


Karol Severin is MIDiA’s lead analyst for research on games, and the product manager of MIDiA’s data tools. Karol’s research covers all aspects of the gaming economy, including mobile, PC, and console gaming, as well as freemium strategy and consumer segmentation. Prior to joining MIDiA, Karol gained experience in a number of marketing, research and consulting roles and as a technology start-up founder.

Phil Ranta is the Chief Executive Officer at Wormhole Labs, a technology company that built a platform for user-generated metaverses. As Head of Gaming Creators, North America at Facebook, Phil achieved over five times departmental growth in his first year, signing exclusive streaming contracts with DisguisedToast, Corinna Kopf, and UFC / WWE superstar Ronda Rousey. Phil also built two of the largest creator networks in the world while he was COO at Studio71 and VP, Networks at Fullscreen, both successfully exited (to ProSieben and Otter Media, a joint venture between AT&T and Peter Chernin, respectively). Other roles include Head of Creators at Mobcrush (a live streaming technology with hundreds of thousands of authenticated users), Executive Producer at Viva! Vision (producing content delivered to over 250 million mobile phones worldwide), and a content creator who produced videos and podcasts that have achieved hundreds of millions of views and downloads.

Sam ‘BigGriffin’ Griffin has spent the past two years in the gaming industry, focusing on building communities through social platforms, broadcasting, and content production. He tailored his community primarily around unique events, first person shooter games, and personal development. Now he is focusing on more on-the-ground developments in the gaming space, alongside his work at MIDiA, with the aim of providing a different perspective and first-hand experience to the incredibly detailed meta-trends found in their reports.

You can watch our Games Companies’ Video Opportunity Webinar on YouTube.

Hybrid Futures | MIDiA 2022 Predictions Webinar

On the 12th of January 2022, MIDiA held a webinar where our analysts presented their key predictions for the big trends in digital media and tech across music, video, brands, marketing, games and sports in 2022 and beyond.

The webinar was hosted by our full team of in-house analysts including Mark Mulligan, Tim Mulligan, Karol Severin.

You can watch our Hybrid Futures webinar on YouTube.