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Music Ally, February 2024

Music streaming subscribers reached 713.4m in Q3 2023 - Music Ally

The first report came from Midia Research: its latest music subscriber market-share figures. It estimates that in the third quarter of 2023 there ...

Billboard, February 2024

Spotify Paid $9 Billion to Labels & Publishers in 2023 - Billboard

MIDiA Research's Q3 2023 Global Music Subscription Market report, released Thursday, gave Spotify a 31.7% share of a total of 713.4 million global ...

Music Ally, February 2024

YouTube hits milestone of 100m Music and Premium subscribers

Consultancy firm Midia Research has since estimated that Apple Music had 84.7 million subscribers by Q2 2022, with Amazon Music on 82.2 million at ...

BBC, February 2024

The gaming industry is aiming for subscribers. Will gamers play along?

"We've seen this huge transition in the games industry of moving away from the traditional, what I would call 'unit-sales-based' business model, towards an 'engagement-based' model," explains Karol Severin, MIDiA Research's senior games analyst and VP of data

Hollywood Reporter, January 2024

5 Provocative 2024 Hollywood Predictions From Wall Street Experts

That is one 2024 forecast made by Mark Mulligan, music industry analyst at market intelligence firm MIDiA Research and his colleagues. “This is ...

GamesIndustry.biz, January 2024

New hardware, more layoffs, AI in game dev: Analyst predictions for 2024

Our annual panel of industry-watchers look back at their calls for 2023 and offer new forecasts for the year ahead

Music Ally, November 2023

Apple services growth still booming, but how about music?

Apple hasn't announced an official figure for Apple Music subscribers for several years, although Midia Research estimated that they grew from ...

Hollywood Reporter, October 2023

Spotify's Audiobooks Push: Wall Street Dissects How It Differs From Its Podcast Initiative

Beyond Wall Street, Mark Mulligan, music industry analyst at MIDiA Research, also shared his take on the latest news on Wednesday. “Spotify's ...

Wccftech, September 2023

Unity Has Heard the Feedback, Vows to Change Runtime Fee Policy After Massive Backlash

For instance, MiDia Research Senior Analyst Karol Severin highlighted in this blog post that there might be underlying issues within the games ...

Music Ally, September 2023

In defence of white noise. - Music Business Worldwide

Mark Mulligan of Midia termed this “a reverse-Robin Hood”. While supporting parts of the plan, Believe also ran with Mulligan's metaphor. “As a ...

Music Tech, July 2023

New report predicts 51% increase in music trade revenues by 2030

Midia Research, an entertainment industry analytics company, has revealed its forecasts for the music industry’s growth until 2030.

Fast Company, June 2023

How influencers became the new Spotify tastemakers

Tatiana Cirisano ...RapCaviar and playlists which are curated by Spotify were where you discovered new music, whereas now those playlists are becoming a lot more reactive to what’s already happening on other platforms

Billboard, May 2023

Music Biz 2023 Conference to Reach New Industry Sectors - Billboard

MIDiA Research's Tatiana Cirisano at the UMG Mixer at Music Biz 2022

Variety, April 2023

Global Dance Music Industry Grew 34% in 2022, Per IMS Business Report

“This is not just about bouncing back; this is bouncing back and almost bouncing off the trampoline,” said Mark Mulligan

Forbes, April 2023

You Can Sing Along – YouTube Music Finally Added Real-Time Lyrics

It cited data from Midia Research, which noted that by the end of the first half of last year, there were 616.2 million subscribers to music ...

Forbes, March 2023

Reaching The Unreachable: How Brands Are Connecting To Consumers In A World Of Ad Avoidance

Television is no exception. According to a report by Midia Research, 52% of consumers tune out TV ads. This figure is rising rapidly. Some consumers ...

Variety, February 2023

SPA Makes First Program Announcement for 2023 - Variety Australia

Tim Mulligan, MIDiA executive VP and research director, will sit on a panel looking at the factors that lead to the astronomical demand for ...

The Times, February 2023

Microsoft makes its last stand in $69bn battle for Call of Duty

"...the data and everything else that’s coming to light and the data that I’m seeing do not make me think there’s any major reason to stop the deal." Karol Severin, senior games analyst at MIDiA Research

Reuters, February 2023

From Lizzo to Gayle, Grammy nominees highlight TikTok's sway in music

"...as deals with the major music companies expire, the labels are looking to receive some of TikTok's ad revenue" Tatiana Cirisano, MIDiA Research

Billboard, January 2023

1bn French streams were fake in 2021, "Fraud seems to be getting easier"

According to a recent estimate from MIDiA Research, those three services account for slightly more than 35% of global streaming subscriptions.

Wired, January 2023

The Overwatch League Ruled Esports. Then Everything Went Wrong

Karol Severin, senior analyst and cofounder at Midia Research, says that one way to entice more gamers (leaving non-gamers aside, for the moment) is to develop a hook beyond the games themselves.