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Digital Consumer Ad Profiles Targeting Music and Video Streamers

Report by Georgia Meyer
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The 20,000 Foot View:  Digital music and video consumers navigate an increasingly nuanced landscape of content formats, from paywalled to ad-supported to social. Levels of engagement with new social formats vary considerably amongst weekly active users (WAUs) of three of the main music streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music) and video streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube). It is vital to understand the variance in ad engagement on these services to plan effective campaigns in the evolving digital content ecosystem. This report informs tactical and targeted ad spending to reach digital’s most progressive consumers, and covers where to reach those who spend most of their digital content time behind paywalls.

Key Findings

  • Netflix WAUs are engaged with commercialised social formats like Instagram stories        but tend to skip video ads       
  • Amazon Prime Video WAUs are less engaged with new social formats        watch Instagram stories) but are avid radio listeners        and free music streamers       
  • YouTube has the highest WAU penetration        amongst music and video streaming services        of which        watch Instagram stories and        follow favoured brands on social media.
  • Apple Music WAUs are most likely to watch Instagram stories        follow their favourite brands on social media        and listen to podcasts       
  • TV ads are in crisis, especially amongst Spotify and Amazon Prime Video WAUs,        of whom do not pay attention to TV advertising 
  • Amazon Prime Music WAUs over-index in multiple audio content formats with        listening to the radio,        streaming music for free and        listening to podcasts 
  • WAUs across all six of the major music and video streaming services are still exposed to audio ads in abundance

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Amazon Fashion, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Studios, Apple Music, AT&T, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Gimlet Media, Hulu, IMDb Freedive, Instagram, Netflix, Project Runway, Spotify, Spotify Premium, WhatsApp, YouTube

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