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Game Consumer Segmentation Aficionados Drive Adoption

Report by Karol Severin
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The 20,000 Foot View:  Barriers between the traditionally isolated PC, console and mobile games formats are gradually breaking down. This is happening on the device level (Nintendo Switch), title level (e.g. multiplatform Minecraft gameplay), the development level (Unity) and the corporate level (Console gaming companies buying their way into mobile and vice versa). As a result, there is a growing need to understand the behaviours and attitudes of gamers as whole, and their entertainment consumption more broadly, to identify cross-format and cross-entertainment opportunities, brought about by the consolidation of entertainment experiences in the ‘always-on’ world.

Key Findings

  • Gamers can be separated into four key segments based on time and money spent: Aficionados, Collectors, Forgotten Fans and Passive Majority
  •        of consumers are Games Aficionados, spending more than six hours per week and more than        per month on games        of consumers spend less than six hours per week and less than        per month on games        of consumers (Forgotten Fans) are highly-engaged, but lag in terms of monetization, compared to        of consumers with high spend and low engagement (Collectors)
  • Aficionados are dominated by young-ish males, while Forgotten Fans skew towards old-ish females, pointing at gaps in the higher-end games market
  • There is a segment of female games gifters who are unengaged with games, but generate recurring revenue for the games industry
  • Half of high game spenders use Netflix every week
  •        of Aficionados pay for a video subscription service, compared to the consumer average of               of Aficionados have three or more digital subscriptions, compared to the consumer average of               of Aficionados are Amazon Prime subscribers
  • High games spenders are high entertainment spenders in general

Companies And Products Mentioned in this report: Amazon, Amazon Prime, Episode, Facebook, High School Story, Messenger, Minecraft, Nintendo Switch, Netflix, Pixelberry, PlayStation, PocketGems, Pokemon Go, Puss in boots, Snapchat, Spotify, Twitch, Twitter, Whatsapp, xBox, YouTube

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