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Nightlife in the new normal Remote work shifts the entertainment balance

Report by Tatiana Cirisano and Perry Gresham
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20,000 foot view:  Coronavirus pandemic work patterns are now ingrained in the United States, where        of consumers work from home and a fifth are hybrid workers. In the ‘new normal’, home workers spend less time on both digital and in-person entertainment compared to those who commute. Entertainment companies must monitor and action this development and its effects to remain relevant and competitively positioned.

Key insights  

           of US consumers work from home, and        commute five or more days weekly
  • Hybrid working is niche at        penetration, but its younger skew suggests future growth
  • Commuters spend        more time on music, video steaming, and games combined than home workers
  • Work from home adversely impacts music the most, as home workers spend        less time listening to music than commuters 
  • Weekly, consumers spend more than        times longer on digital entertainment        hours) than nightlife        hours)
  • Time spent on nightlife increases with annual income up until approximately        after which the rate of increase effectively plateaus 
  • Live performances are more popular among higher earners, helping at least partially insulate the live sector from the recession
  • Commuters spend        more time on nightlife than home workers
  • Nightlife follows a bell curve with age, where the oldest and youngest consumers are least engaged
  • By contrast, 20-24-year-olds spend the most time weekly        hours) on music, video streaming, and games

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Apple Music, Apple TV, Amazon Music, BTS, Disney+, J Balvin, McDonald’s, Netflix, Nike, Roblox, Saweetie, Thursday Night Football, Travis Scott, Twitter

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