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Podcast videos Format blurring expands podcasts’ future

Report by Annie Langston
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20,000 foot view:  Podcasts are breaking out of traditional audio and entering the video space, as nearly a quarter of consumers now watch podcast videos monthly. Visual elements for podcasts are becoming a crucial tool to reach new audiences and engage current listeners. Rather than isolating audiences on streaming platforms, podcast content is now accessible on a variety of platforms in a more mainstream medium, creating new avenues for the format to grow. 

Key insights 

  • As        of consumers watch podcast videos monthly, the format is close to breaking out of the niche
  • Audio consumers are already adopting the format, as both podcast WAUs        and audiobook WAUs        watch podcast videos monthly
  • Low podcast listeners are more likely to watch podcast videos monthly than high podcast listeners, suggesting that the format may be more popular among casual audio consumers
  • Podcast video viewers are more attentive to audio and video advertisements than the average consumer:        pay attention to audio ads and        to video ads 
  • Podcast video viewers’ top podcast genre is comedy, followed by news, music, sports, and true crime
  • Podcast video viewers over-index for music behaviours, like listening to full albums        suggesting an opportunity for music-related video podcasts
  • Spotify        is the top podcast platform among podcast video viewers, although YouTube        follows close behind
  • Podcast video viewers are active on social media:        are YouTube WAUs,        Facebook WAUs,        Instagram WAUs, and        TikTok WAUs
  •        of podcast video viewers are Netflix WAUs, more than any other video streaming service, reflecting an opportunity for the streamer 

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: Alex Cooper, Amazon, Amazon Prime Video, Anchor, Apple, Apple Podcasts, Apple TV+, ByteDance, Disctopia, Emma Chamberlain, Futuro Studios, George Clarke, Google, Grace Keeling, Harry Styles, HBO Max, iHeart, Instagram, Jennifer Lopez, Joe Rogan, Max Balegde, Motion Agency, Netflix,, Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, Zane Lowe

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