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Smart home Smart devices are winning the battle for the future of TV

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View:  The unbundling of TV consumption is catalysing the smart home, with media streamers and smart TVs driving adoption and engagement. The smart home entertainment ecosystem will expand due to smart devices (smart TVs and smart speakers), as they are building on traditional consumption habits and engagement of key segments to act as smart home ecosystem ambassadors. Smart TVs will become key to owning the future        customer relationship. Success on this front will define who owns the TV viewer relationship in the streaming era.

Key insights

  • TV technology is driving smart home device adoption, with media streamer penetration at        and smart TVs at       
  •        of smart TV users are daily active users (DAUs), making it the most frequently connected device, though not all that behaviour involves smart functionality
  • Video streaming is more deeply embedded in the home than audio: media streamers have higher daily usage, while smart speakers skew towards weekly usage
  • Roku has the most active user base of media streamers        are DAUs), while Amazon Echo has the most active user base for smart speakers        are DAUs)
  • Media streamers follow TV legacy locations (living rooms and bedrooms), while smart speakers are more evenly spread across the home
  • Console gamers are de-centralising smart home monetisation models through normalisation of in-app purchase consumption 
  • Games console owners are the most entertainment-curious consumer segment in the smart home, with        actively seeking new entertainment
  • Smart TV weekly active use (WAU) activity is already moving into a post-linear dynamic – it is no longer about cord-cutting, but about cord-disintegration
  • Ownership of the smart TV consumer experience bypasses net neutrality and        threats for the communications majors
  • Owning the smart TV consumer experience will define the winners of future TV content engagement, and can become the successor role for the EPG

Companies and brands mentioned in this report : Apple TV, Apple HomePod/HomePod, Amazon Echo Mini, Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV Box/Stick, Android Smartphone, AT&T, Comcast, Google, Google Chromecast, Google Home Speaker, iPhone, iPad, Netflix, Nintendo Games Console, Pioneer, Roku, Sonos, Sony PlayStation, Surface, TIVo, T-Mobile, Toshiba, Verizon, ViacomCBS, Xfinity Flex, Xbox

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