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Sports Viewing 2018 SVOD Taking Over?

Report by Alistair Taylor
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20,000-Foot View:  Facing the menacing presence of streaming alternatives, TV networks find themselves under growing pressure to ensure that viewing patterns are strong enough to deliver a return on expensively acquired sports rights. Against this backdrop, sports viewing in        2018 was largely one of stagnation, remaining flat at        while free streaming declined. This combined with the aging demographic profile of regular TV sports viewers underlines the long-term risk attached to the premium value currently afforded to sports in the video landscape. With sports now only ranking as the sixth most desired content genre, its value proposition is decreasing. The notable exception is that sports consumption on TV remains solid in the face of pay-TV cord-cutting, reiterating the short-term value of premium sports rights—inflated or not—for pay-TV operators.

Key Findings

  • Sport is the sixth most popular video content genre at        penetration,        points behind the most preferred genre, Comedy
  •        of consumers are willing to pay for sports content as part of a video / TV offering,        points behind those willing to pay to access movies
  • Sports viewing on TV remained flat at        penetration comparing        2017 to        2018
  • Watching free streaming sports video fell from        in        2017 to        in        2018
  • The average age of regular TV sports viewers is        while        are male
  •        of sports viewers listen to the radio,        points above the weighted average        of sports viewers use Twitter weekly,        points above the weighted average
  • TV sports viewing is highest in the US and Australia at        compared to        in Canada
  •        of cord cutters are regular TV sports viewers

Companies and brands mentioned in this report: AFL, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime, DAZN, Discovery, Eleven Sports, EPL, ESPN+, Euroleague, Facebook, GolfTV, Kayo Sports, La Liga, Ligue        Matchroom Sports, MLB, Netflix, NFL, NRL, PGA, Spotify, Twitter, UEFA

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