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State Of The YouTube Nation A Definitive Assessment Of The Global Youtube Economy

Report by Tim Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View The YouTube landscape is changing. While North America still dominates in terms of channel subscribers and views, the second places for these metrics are now held by Latin America and Asia respectively. Both emerging regions show diverging consumption patterns, with Latin America over indexing on the proportion of subscribers-to-views, and Asia over indexing on the number of views in relation to subscribers. Despite the growth story around native content creators, music, and music focused channels remain the most popular categories globally, with significant regional variations. Subscriber growth though is driven primarily by native content creators. In a year where YouTube Red will roll out beyond the US, the pace of change for the YouTube economy is set to accelerate.

Key Findings

  • Annual revenue for the top        most subscribed YouTube Channels is        million
  • Music Artists are the most valuable category in the top        channels
  • Three of the five global regions have music related content as their most popular channels by views
  • North America still dominates with        million channel subscribers and        billion views
  • Asia has the highest ratio of views to subscribers at        views per subscriber
  •        channels generate over        million per month in gross revenues        channels generate over        million per month in revenues for their owners        of the most subscribed channels are run by native content creators        of the fastest growing channels by views are for musicĀ         of consumers do not skip pre-rollĀ 
  • Only        of consumers will pay for exclusive YouTube content

Companies mentioned: Facebook, T-Series, Snapchat, WWE YouTube

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