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The Brazilian Music Consumer Tentative Steps In An Emerging Digital Market

Report by Leo Morel
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The 20,000 Foot View

The Brazilian digital music market is still in a formative stage in contrast to developed markets such as the USA and the UK. Apple’s iTunes store only started to operate in Brazil in 2012 and music streaming service Spotify only began its Brazilian activities in 2014. Although at an early stage and although piracy levels are high, the Brazilian market displays a great digital music market potential driven by booming smartphone sales.

Key Findings

  • CDs are the still the main way Brazilians interact with music but are less attractive to Brazilian digital natives
           Brazilian consumers pay to download single tracks or albums, rising to        of        to        year olds 
  • YouTube dominates Brazilian music behaviour and with        penetration is one of the highest rates globally
  • Nearly a third of Brazilians stream music (audio) but paid streaming is still in its infancy 
  • Brazilian digital natives are most likely to pay for music 
  • Digital music sales have scored high rates in Brazil

Companies mentioned in this report: YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer 

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