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The Mobile Web The Lean Back Legacy

Report by Karol Severin
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The 20,000 Foot View

Mobile is changing the face of web browsing with a sizeable portion of monthly unique website visitors having already migrated to mobile. This divides between those who visit sites from mobile apps and those who choose a mobile web browser instead. User data around this migration reveals significant differences between the type of consumer engagement via a mobile web browser versus and app and desktop. 

Key Findings

  • Mobile browser traffic is not simply a scaled down version of overall web traffic with both environments distinct and suitable for different mobile strategies
  • Out of        sites mentioned,        placed in both the All Web top        chart and the Mobile Browser top       
  • Mobile browsers lend themselves better to the nature of Lean Back and Quick Reference sites
  • Apps lend themselves better to the nature of Lean Forward and long-form consumption
  • For Lean Forward sites, it is easier to migrate consumers from web to apps
  • All top        mobile browser sites have a Lean Back or Quick Reference proposition as a part of their core service.
  • None of the top        free apps offer a purely Lean Back or Quick Reference service
  •        of Buzzfeed’s monthly unique visitors come through a mobile browser
  • Successful mobile strategies do not have to be app led
  • Apple’s decision to support ad blocking in browsers could result in an app strategy gold rush as content owners seek to take control of their own destinies

Companies mentioned in this report: Amazon, AOL, Apple, Bing,, Buzzfeed, CNN, eBay, Facebook, Google, IMBD, LinkedIn, Pandora, Spotify, Twitter, Verizon, Wikipedia, Wordpress, YouTube

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