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TV Show Fandom Q2 2017 Measuring The Impact Of US TV

Report by Mark Mulligan
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The 20,000 Foot View: In our July report, TV Show Fandom: Measuring TV Shows’ Real Appeal, we introduced MIDiA’s quarterly Paid Content Brand Tracker by revealing a sneak peek of the data we track for more than        TV shows in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. In this report, we provide analysis of some of the top-level trends for the        2017 edition of the MIDiA Brand Tracker. We look at which shows and TV networks have seen the biggest changes in fan group penetration over the quarter and examine the role of US TV shows in the global TV business. We also explore which networks have the biggest fan impact as producers and then again as distributors.

Key Findings

  • CBS has the clear lead in show fandom with an average        penetration, largely driven by top shows The Big Bang Theory and NCIS
  • CBS is the top-rated network for fandom in the US, Canada and Australia, but third in the UK 
  • Netflix is fifth highest ranked TV network in terms of TV show fandom, with all country weighted average of       
  • US shows tend to be perceived as global entities while most British shows have more niche appeal overseas
  • All but three of the        shows that gained the most fans in        had a new series airing at some stage during the quarter
  • AMC had the highest average quarterly growth in TV show fan bases in        2017 with        points
  • Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) giants are transforming the TV landscape, with Amazon and Netflix respectively the third and fourth biggest network gainers in       
  • Only superstar US networks with blockbuster shows meaningfully increase the average fandom of non-US TV networks 
  • AMC has the strongest positive impact on fandom with an average net increase of        points
  • US shows super serve specific segments but local shows continue to do much of the heavy lifting
  • Overseas fandom of US shows always falls short of US

Companies and brands mentioned in this report:        Legacy, A+E, Amazon Prime, AMC, Apple Music, Arrow, BBC, CBS, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Daredevil, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Endemol, Facebook, Fox, Game Of Thrones, HBO, House Of Cards, ITV, Madam Secretary, NBC, NCIS, Netflix, Rogers, Sherlock, Sky, Spotify, Stranger Things, SyFy, The Big Bang Theory, The CW, The Flash, The Voice, The Walking Dead, Top Gear, Twitter, Viacom, Vikings, Westworld

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